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Podcast Production

  • $600

    Video podcast production - 4 hours

    Create 8 1/2 hour segments or 4 one hour segments. Professional 4k video and amazing audio.

  • $550

    Additional 4 hours of production

    Add on when booking and save money.

  • $200

    Video podcast production - 1 hour

    Just want to try it out? Book just one hour of professional 4k video and amazing audio.

  • $300

    Audio podcast production - 4 hours

    Create 8 1/2 hour segments or 4 one hour segments. Professional audio production with engineer on site at all times.

  • $95

    Audio podcast production - 1 hour

    1 hour of professional audio production. Our audio engineers are on site and work with you.

Add ons or single pay items

  • $125

    Custom intro and exit videos

    Fully custom intro and exit video for your podcast with 1 revision.

  • $40

    Additional hype reels

    Want to get more hype in front of your crowd? Additional hype reels are also great to have on hand. Each hype video is professionally produced and 30 seconds in length. Includes 1 edit

  • $500

    Get Featured on Scottsdale Living Website and Podcast

    Want to introduce your podcast to our 80,000 followers and 650,000 unique views? Be a guest on our podcast. Choose your host. Guaranteed to get a minimum of 2,000 views. Includes linking to your podcast channels.

  • $75 per hour additional

    Weekend shoots and after hour shooting

    Need to do your podcast outside of normal hours or on the weekends? We got you!

  • $475

    Podcast Launch Party Package: Turn Your Ideas into Ear Candy

    Concept: Step into the world of podcasting with our ultimate Podcast Launch Party Package! We’ve got everything you need to transform your thoughts into captivating audio adventures that will leave your audience begging for more. From concept to distribution, we’re here to make your podcast dreams come true.

    Show Description: Get ready to dive into a realm of entertainment and knowledge as we guide you through the exciting journey of podcast creation. Whether you’re a storytelling enthusiast, a curious conversationalist, or a knowledge sharer, our team will craft a show description that captures the essence of your content and leaves listeners intrigued.

    Logo Design & Artwork: First impressions matter! Our talented designers will work their magic to create a logo and artwork that visually represents your podcast’s personality. Get ready for eye-catching visuals that make a lasting impact.

    Licensed Theme Music: Set the mood right from the start with professionally curated theme music that resonates with your podcast’s vibe. Whether it’s upbeat, mysterious, or heartwarming, our licensed tunes will instantly hook your listeners.

    Recording of Introduction Trailer Episode: Get your listeners excited for what’s to come with a captivating introduction trailer episode. Our recording wizards will craft an engaging teaser that leaves listeners counting down the days until your first full episode drops.

    Platform Submission & Approval Process: Navigating the podcast platforms can be tricky, but fear not! We’ll handle the platform submission and approval process for you, ensuring your podcast is available on all major streaming platforms.

    Light Editing & Sound Balancing: Polish your episodes to perfection with our light editing and sound balancing services. We’ll make sure your content flows seamlessly, and the audio quality is top-notch, giving your listeners an immersive experience.

    Creative Consulting & Guest Outreach: Our creative consultants are here to bounce ideas off of and ensure your podcast remains fresh and engaging. Plus, if you’re looking to spice things up with exciting guests, we’ll handle the outreach and coordination, bringing dynamic voices to your show.

    Host it, Post it, Distribute it: Say goodbye to technical worries! We’ll take care of hosting, posting, and distributing your episodes throughout your membership. Focus on creating amazing content, and we’ll handle the rest.

    Join the Podcast Party and make a splash in the world of audio entertainment! Let’s turn your podcast vision into a reality that will have listeners tuning in eagerly, episode after episode.

If you want to really take your podcast to the next level

Additional services available through our partners including: SEO, Logo creation, Content creation, Social Media planning, PPC. and Social Media advertising, Social Media roadmap.

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Masterclass Production

We can guide you through producing your masterclass from A to Z. From Kajabi, Learnworlds, Teachable to custom. We have you covered.


Looking to get your music out there? Contact us to put together a package for you.

Training/Corporate Videos

Need to shoot custom training and or corporate videos? We can produce that for you!